Access public and private preview features

Microsoft offer previews of Azure features for evaluation purposes. With Azure Preview Features, you can test beta and other pre-release features, products, services, software, and regions.

Some of the common areas you will see previews for include:

  • New storage types
  • New Azure services, such as Machine Learning enhancements
  • New or enhanced integration with other platforms
  • New APIs for services


Azure feature previews are available under certain terms and conditions that are specific to each particular Azure preview. Also, some previews are not covered by customer support.

Once a feature has been evaluated and tested successfully, it might be released to customers as part of Azure’s default product set. This release is referred to as General Availability (GA). In some cases, it might also be determined that the feature needs additional work. When this happens, it might be removed and replaced with a different implementation.

Feature preview categories

There are two types of previews available:

  • Private Preview. This means that an Azure feature is available to * specific* Azure customers for evaluation purposes. This is typically by invite only and issued directly by the product team responsible for the feature or service.
  • Public Preview. This means that an Azure feature is available to all Azure customers for evaluation purposes. These previews can be turned on through the preview features page as detailed below.

Accessing preview features

You can activate specific preview features through the preview features page . This page lists the preview features that are available for evaluation. To preview a feature, select the Try it button for the relevant feature. You can get more information about an Azure preview feature before you try it by choosing Learn more.

Turn off preview features

To see which preview features you are using and turn them off:

  • Sign in to Azure portal.
  • Open the New blade.
  • Enter the word preview.
  • You will see a list of available preview features, with the word enabled next to each feature you have activated.
  • Choose disable to turn off a preview feature.

Azure portal preview features

Another preview area you can try is the next version of the Azure portal. Use the URL (notice the preview prefix).

Typical portal preview features provide performance, navigation, and accessibility improvements to the Azure portal interface. It will be branded with an orange “Preview” banner, so you always know you are in the preview portal.

Provide feedback on preview features

If you utilize the preview portal or a preview feature, Microsoft wants to hear about your experience. You can provide feedback through the “smiley” face icon on the portal or by posting ideas and suggestions on the Azure portal Feedback Forum.

Get notified about GA releases

The Azure portal “What’s New” link on the ? help menu provides a list of recent updates you can periodically check to see what’s changed in Azure.

Alternatively, you can use the Azure Updates page. This page provides additional information and features including:

  • Which updates are in general availability, preview, or development.
  • Browse updates by product category or update type, by using the provided dropdown lists.
  • Search for updates by keyword by entering search terms into a text-entry field.
  • Subscribe to get Azure update notifications by RSS.
  • Access the Microsoft Connect page to read Azure product news and announcements.

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